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PBH Map 2
PBH Title Screen

The Power Bomb Heaven Map links both the larger world with a vector approach. The composition and speed felt like an appropriate fit for a menu screen that could quickly be implemented into the prototype. 


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UI Experiments.png

The User Interface for Power Bomb Heaven has to reflect a simple, clean, and angular futuristic design. The motifs of the Main Title were important to carry through, while also providing a feeling of energy and excitement. There are also iterations intended for a shared health bar system, and smaller assets for wins or losses to be marked.



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Secondary Characters in the Power Bomb Heaven universe can mean anything from Jobbers to Crowd Members to Announcers. Either way, conveying a single theme with spectacle, energy, and even a little goofiness was important. Star Child ended up being perfect for the role of both Jobber and Cheerleader for the one of our main rivals, Redd Comet.

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The Environments and Stages of Power Bomb Heaven can be anywhere in the universe. With the scale of this intergalactic championship, all you need is to know where to stand as the turnbuckles are dropped from orbit so that a fight can be run anywhere, from the busy city-planet to a sacred forest on a distant comet.




Redd Comet. Professional Hypebeast, showboat, and bombastic champion. Redd has always been his own wingman. Designing his own outfits and charming the hell out of everyone he meets, his sense of humor and shameless self promotion have taken him from street corner to spotlight to starlight. Redd claims the name of Redd after the City he grew up in, on a planet near the 7 Heavens. He leverages everything he can, from gadgets to guile, in order to win matches and play the crowd. His greatest friend and bitter rival is Lynx Mask, a stoic and vicious fighter from a planet near the Hell's Gate Nebula.

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POWERBOMB HEAVEN (PBH) is a 2D Hand-Drawn animated fighting game. PBH takes place in a bombastic, futuristic world where eclectic and ambitious performers arrive from all over the galaxy to compete in the universe’s greatest wrestling production: POWERBOMB HEAVEN.